Hey God! Where'd You Go?

For many years I have started my day by spending quiet time with the Lord. Sometimes those moments are amazing and sometimes, quite frankly, they aren't. But either way, when we set ourselves to seek His face, it is always time well spent. 

As Thomas Merton said, "We should not, however, judge the value of our meditation by how we feel. A hard and apparently fruitless meditation may in fact be much more valuable than one that is easy, happy, enlightened and apparently a big success."

I remember when my friend Patricia King told me of a time when the Lord warned her that she wouldn't feel His presence for a season. He encouraged her to continue doing all of the same things she had been doing, and that He would still be there, even though she wouldn't sense Him. She said that when that happened, although it was a very difficult time, it taught her a lot. Patricia learned to go to the Lord for who He is and what she could offer Him (love, devotion, adoration, etc.). Her communication with Him wasn't in response to what she felt or what He was saying, but in response to who she already knew that He was/is.

There are so many books on how to tap into God's presence, how to worship, pray, etc., but the truth is there is no sure fire method for turning off distractions and hearing. Very often entering into a place of prayer, worship, hearing, seeing, etc., comes out of a place of tension. A tension we shouldn't despise.

Sometimes His presence greets us swiftly and profoundly and other times we feel as if we are trying to run through mud. Finding Him often comes out of this place of tension; this acknowledgement that while He invites us, we still must trust Him to know what we need. Often times he is pulling us to focus more intently, pray longer, to pull ourselves out of distraction and enter by faith even when we feel nothing. We may be struck by our inability to tap in, but this tension, this plan of God to allow us to face our humanity, grows our roots stronger. Remembering that we are utterly dependent upon God's grace, keeps us humble. It brings death to pride.

If you are walking in a season like that, and feeling frustrated with the seeming silence of God, take heart! Continue loving Him regardless of what you feel or don't. Soon, you will be enjoying the change of season, where the touch of God becomes profound again. We must never grow so accustomed to His presence that we forgot that it is also a profound honor to be there with Him, even though we are His children.


Just Do It!

I fell in love with dance because it gave me a way to express what I didn't know how to say.

Writing came as I matured; as I began to believe in myself and find my voice. Now I dance and write from a deeper, more fulfilling place.

Our journey of discovery with the Lord never ends.

My dance has been a number of things over the years - worship, ministry, intercession, prophecy, etc. But it has since become more profound; more authentic. I step into Him and give Him the deepest part of myself, not as concerned about what is happening around me, or who "gets it". As I dance in heaven's atmosphere, I give the Lord an opening to reach through. It's no longer about my efforts to bring heaven to earth. I simply dance in Him and allow Him to release through me. That's it. Even now, when injuries have stolen a great deal of my movement, I am more confident than ever that those movements are filled with God's breath, power, and love.

In part I have those injuries to thank for changing me. God never brings pain and sickness, but He most certainly knows how to take them and turn them for our good. Because I couldn't dance for almost a year due to a back injury, I had to look deeper into myself to find that I was more than dance. Instead of stripping away my identity, it helped me find it. I realized I truly have a voice; that I truly carry God's presence in everything I do - even in a smile. It gave me confidence to risk failure and become a fiction writer (a secret desire I had for years).

I not only believe in myself, but I believe in the One who has given me various gifts and talents. And I trust that He knows how to convey Himself through them. Fear restrains us; keeps us from running after our dreams. Overcoming fear and stepping beyond what is comfortable, propels us forward. The more we put action to our desires, the more momentum we gain. Too many of us sit idly by, living life through imagination only. It doesn't mean we will always succeed, but it does mean we won't ever have to live with the regret of, "I should have tried." As long as we've prayed and sought the Lord, sensing no red light, we can move forward with expectancy.

So, write that book, get in shape, learn something new, run after the career of your dream, travel the world! How? Set goals, reach them, then set some more! Encourage yourself, cut yourself some slack - your going after your dreams, not taking out the garbage - it is going to take determination and time. Risk making mistakes. Change habits that steal time or push you away from your dreams. If you're learning a new skill, study, practice every single day! 

I'm convinced that if we spent as much time working towards our goals and praying into them, as we do sitting around dreaming about them, our lives would be much more fulfilling! Cheers!
P.S., if you haven't seen this funny, motivational speech by Shia LaBeaouf, check it out:


Authentic Artistic Expression

Writing is like dancing with my fingers. In dance, my body alone conveys the deepest stirrings of my being. In writing I transfer the movements of both my heart and my body to paper.

Whether we are writers, dancers, musicians, singers, painters, sculptures, photographers, etc., each of us carry an expression of God's heart which He asks us to unveil to the world. (Obviously, there are many more ways of releasing His heart than the arts, but this is the subject for today.)

The more time I spend in God's presence, the more of Him I want to release. I  used to think that unless large numbers of people viewed my work, it was a waste of time. Now I realize it's about so much more. It is about being faithful to who we are and honoring the One who gave us these gifts. I'm reminded of the story of the talents in the Bible - even if our gift is small, we mustn't hide it. 

We are called to release what is inside of us - whether to five or to five million, isn't the issue. Whatever articulation of beauty God wants to release through us, we have to trust He will bring the people He wants to convey it to. I think sometimes in our effort to either hide our gift or to gather supporters, we forget that there is a reason we express ourselves the way we do. God wants out! He wants to present to the world that part of Himself that He has so carefully placed inside of us. It is also the reason we cannot compare ourselves to others.

As artists we sometimes feel that unless society validates us, our gift isn't special. Of course our gifts are special - they are the breath of God within us! What matters is that we remain honest, unhindered, authentic, and humble in our expression, and be faithful to give it away. 

Today I pray that you will not only be unhindered in your expression, but that you will remember Who it is that you release through it.


Enjoy the Journey, Reach Your Goals

Lately I've been feeling a bit torn. On one hand, I've finished my first novel, an obscure dream I hid tenderly in my heart for many years. I never thought I could do it, but I did! And I think it's pretty good. But of course every mother thinks her baby is beautiful.

I never imagined I would find a career I'd love as much as dance, but this burns deeply and I feel the breath of God on it. Learning how to write and create with Him, whether fiction or non, is fulfilling, peaceful - the Creator and His creation exploring together.

On the other hand, now that I've truly caught the writing bug, I feel dissatisfied because I don't have enough time. Like many of us, I would love to quit my job and focus on writing. I'm blessed with a great job that I can do at home, but my heart is pulled in a different direction. 

Can you relate?

When you finally decide to stop dreaming about something and run after it full-force, even if you fail, it's a big deal! But what happens once you are in full stride and you're not sure if you're actually making progress? Do you stop and figure it out, or do you keep running and pray on the go?

How often do we focus on reaching the goal and forget the beauty of the journey? The time we spend studying, growing in our craft, or praying about it, is never wasted time. The fact that we are going after what is in our heart, is exciting! Of course there are boring parts  - creating websites, writing a synopsis, searching for agents, etc., is not fun for me, but they're still important. 

What God does in us during the preparation time is one of the most important parts of the journey! We must yield to the Potter's hand as He forms and prepares us to be strong vessels. If we aren't fully formed, we will crack under the pressure of the very thing we are made for. We must trust in His timing, remembering that He knows when we're ready to be presented.

But we must do our part to stay focused; not just on our goals, but on His leading everyday. Stay close to His heart. Don't waste time. Listen and move with His Spirit. Have fun as you move closer and closer to fulfilling those dreams!

Today's post is different. But I wanted to encourage those of you who are running after your dreams and feeling a bit frustrated in the process of fulfillment. We must keep our hearts satisfied in Him, and hear His direction and wisdom, in order to walk this out. 


Come Alive

I am in Him. Within the King of glory, nestled safe in the burning heart of His love, alive within the deep mysteries of eternity, I am there. 



Coming alive.

My identity stares back at me in the reflection of His face; the internal resonating with the external. And then I remember ~ He is in me. Our life is a beautifully weaved tapestry of love. 

Yet, though the Creator of all that is seen and all that is unseen is both in me and around me, He gives me the lead. 

Never demanding what I won't willingly give.

Never pushing me to move in ways I don't want to go.

Never forcing my voice to speak words He longs to share.

Always loving.

Always compelling me to come deeper into that burning heart of passion that burns away what still looks like me. 

It is not about me. 

I am in Him.

He is in me.

This is where I live. 

I want to look more like Him. 

To live and breathe and have my being intertwined so completely with Him that there is no separation.

An effortless pas de deux. My spirit and His, moving separately, yet aware, connected, appearing as one.

I am guided by His eye.

Thrust into action by my new-found awareness of His gentle touch.

Exploding with His passion.

I am in Him.

He is in me.


Reigniting Your Destiny/Letting Go of the Past

Over and over again I've been hearing stories from people who are going after their dreams. Some are young and filled with a zeal for life that has met little resistance. I like hanging around young people, because it reminds me of what it is like to run after life with untamed passion.

Others who have felt the excitement of life wane over the years, have recently met with the God who awakens dormant desires. They are taking giant leaps of faith to run after their dreams once again, regardless of cost.

Living life with passion is always the right choice.

My heart has been stirred to encourage you today! Many of you have been contemplating what it would be like to take a risk and go after your dreams - some for the first time, and others with renewed hope.

Let me speak to those who believe that they are past their prime in life, and whatever goals and dreams they once had, are long gone. Stop believing the lie that life has crippled you! Life hasn't crippled you, it has prepared you for this season. It has made you stronger and left you with a limp to remind you how much we must rely on the Lord. It is time to take the untamed passion and zeal we had when we were young Believers, and unite it with the wisdom and humility we have gained. 

Running after dreams is wonderful! It is exciting! But the fulfillment of that dream is not our identity. It may be part of it, but it isn't the core of who we are. It took me years of living on the mission field to learn this lesson. For a long time I thought ministry was my identity, but it isn't. Our true identity is found when there is nothing to wrap our hands around, except for the Lord. It's one of the reasons He allows us to go through hard times ~ to find out who we really are. To realize we are okay just because we have found ourselves in Him.

It wasn't until I felt that I had nothing besides Him, and that I would be okay with staying safely tucked away in Him, that I began to soar. Intimacy is the key to understanding. What seems like
destruction in our lives, can eventually catapult us into our destiny when we remained fixed in Him during that destruction. We find beauty in our ashes. We find strength in weakness. We find faith in abandoning ourselves to Him. 

I've found satisfaction in this season of my life, not just because I've begun to step into something I secretly desired for years, but because I'm finally okay with being me. I'm happy with who I am as His child, and any mask I used to wear to appear more acceptable to my peers, has been burned away in the fire of God's passionate love for me. He loves me; and because I am secure in His love, I am able to take great leaps of faith, even if I fall, because I know my Father will pick me up and brush me off. He kisses away the pain of the past and ignites my heart to soar past man made limitations.

My desire for you today is that you too will soar! That you too will shake off the past and take that leap of faith you've been contemplating. Know that the Lord has kissed that limp and in your weakness you will find His strength to move forward. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and if this has spoken to you today, please share!


The Unveiling

Last night my husband surprised me with a beautiful feather quill pen. He told me that the Lord prompted him to give it to me, letting me know that He (the Lord) had given me the pen of the writer. When I awoke this morning, there it was, beautifully waiting on my nightstand, next to my manuscript. It reminded me of the shift that has taken place inside of me; one I had been longing for.

As I came downstairs, with my new feather pen and manuscript in hand, I realized how truly content and happy I am. It reminded me how drastically different life was only a few years ago, when I had a sense that something inside was dormant, but I didn't know what.

Having been a dancer for my entire life, I've expressed myself, most eloquently, without words. With the movement of my body I was able to convey the deepest of emotions with my entire being. It has, and will always be, a significant part of who I am and how I release my heart when words fail.

Being in ministry for most of my adult life, I've learned that ministry, most importantly, is not standing before the crowd to preach the notes I so diligently put together. It is loving, honoring, and noticing those around me who need a facet of God that I carry. The frustration I've so often felt in ministry, had to do with the fact that unless I was dancing over someone, or reading something I'd written, I struggled to convey God's heart.

When I hit my 40's, I began crying out to God for something more ~ for that part of me which I knew hadn't been awakened, to come alive. My life in Him, in His presence, had been amazing, tender, and satisfying. Yet I knew there was something more He hadn't released in me. Have you felt this way?

It wasn't until one day in Puerto Rico, that the shift began. In my spirit I saw an angel come and give me a gold feathered quill pen. There was much more to the encounter, but little did I know that from that day forward, writing would take on a whole new meaning for me.

How improbable it seemed, to find a new passion, a new way of expressing myself, in my 40's. To be completely honest, I had no idea what I was searching for. Since moving back to the states, the Lord began steadily breathing life into the area of writing. I've written my entire life, but it wasn't until His timing came, that I realized my calling. It wasn't until He chose to take the veil off of what I could so vaguely see, that I was able to give myself fully to it, and find immense contentment in it.

Now my 345 page manuscript of Aegis, my first novel, is sitting by my side. What an amazing feeling!

If there is one thing I have learned through this experience, it is that He knows me, He sees me, and He believes in me.

Perhaps you are feeling discontent with where your life is currently. Perhaps you too sense that God has more for you. If that's the case, let me assure you ~ He does have more! Regardless of age, if we will diligently seek Him for answers, for guidance, for wisdom, and for creativity, He will answer. He will breathe His life into the places that have long felt lifeless.

He knows, you, He sees you, and He believes in you!


How Dark Are The Dark Times? That Little Blue/Black Dress Got Me Thinking!

You know that little blue and black (white and gold for some) dress that's causing a stir all over the internet? (If you don't know about it, NO biggy!) 

Well, it really got me thinking. (And not only about how I need a new dress!)

Some people look at the photo and see blue and black and some see white and gold, even if they are looking at the same exact photo on the same exact device. It has to do with how the cones in our eyes interpret dim lighting. Anyway, I started thinking about how we see "dark" times in our life as opposed to how God sees them.

No - I do not believe God brings sickness or financial ruin. However, I do believe that most of the time we are so caught up in the darkness of very rough seasons, that we are unable to see a very bright light shining in the midst of it. That little dress all over the internet is freaking everyone out! 

How can two people look at the same photo and see two different things? 

Dark times are just like that.

Many times we realize after we have come out of a dark season, just how present God really was in the midst of it. Afterwards, we can look back and realize that it made us stronger, changed our viewpoints, brought us closer to God, etc. 

God actually shines brightest in our deep darkness - we can either focus on what He is doing in the midst of it, or we can focus on the darkness. Two people going through the same exact situation, can see it in two different ways which results in new found strength or a devastating crushing under the same burden.

Darkness empties us of understanding. Darkness drains us, and we are left completely and utterly confused when trying to figure it out with our natural understanding. This is where we aren't seeing things correctly! That darkness is actually filled with God's brilliant light. 

When we are left with nothing but an utter dependance upon God - that is the place of pure light; of pure surrender. And it is in that place that He shines brightest!

Hard times are hard and honestly, none of us like them. That's a fact. But I can see why Paul said he learned to be content whether abased or abounding. He was able to see that even in our darkest times, God will shine His light and turn faithless times into what can become our greatest victories.

And trust me - that dress...blue and black! 
That darkness...filled with great light!


How To Balance The Left/Right Brain Conundrum

Today I offer you a candid look at my journey of starting a new career as an author. I'm not about to offer you 10 steps for balancing a busy life, nor am I going to tell you how "together" I have it. It's just me, walking through life.

Let's get right to the juicy center of it all: Although I've written a number of articles for websites and have a personal story published in someone else's book, it wasn't until the summer of 2014 that I realized how passionate I am about writing. Ironically, at the moment, I'm an Event Coordinator for an accomplished non-fiction author.

Making the decision to embark on a new career path has been a crazy awesome fun! But it's also challenging. I always test 50/50 for being right/left brained, I prefer to live life on the "right" side. The part I'm struggling with, is the fact that my job requires me to be 90% left brained. And I didn't realize until recently, that life on the "left" side causes me to shift my attention away from the Lord. Don't freak out on me! I know He's always with me and I can close my eyes and BAM! there He is. But for whatever reason, having to be so decisive, logical, and strategic, makes it harder for me to slow down and experience Him. No offense to you amazing lefties! But I'm not used to it and I find it exhausting.

I used to start my day with hours of quiet contemplation with Jesus, dancing, and writing, but now I'm too aware of the time- HURRY to start work, RUSH to pick drive kids around, RUN errands, tap back into CREATIVE side and work on my novel, teach ballet, exercise, dance in the various ministries I'm in, and oh...I'm a wife and have a house to clean , and for some reason people think they have to eat every day which means I need time to cook! I'm in a swirl of activity, busy flopping back and forth between left and right brain. 

I crave the peace, passion, creativity, and depth of living not just from my right brain, but from my spirit. And that is where I am at the moment - learning to jump around in my brain, but to live from a much deeper place in the spirit. To remember to slow down and look, listen, and expect Him to show up. I had NO idea that my job would so affect my ability to let go of the noise in my head and embrace the quiet of my spirit. I'm not complaining about my job! I have a GREAT job! But I'm realizing now, more than anything, I'm ready to see my dreams and my passion as an author become my full-time job. Until that happens, I need grace!

Can you relate?


Silence the Noise Within

Constant thoughts are the noise within that dulls us to His voice, His touch, His breath.
Being dedicated to spend time with the Lord, silencing what clamors for attention like a crying child, isn't always easy. Life demands we pay close attention to the things that matter from day to day, but over time dull us to what gently whispers from behind the veil. 

At times becoming still enough to hear those whispers, is difficult. We forget that the veil no longer separates us, but entices us to draw close and see what awaits just beyond it.

Distractions don't have to be forced from our mind. To look past them we simply turn our attention to Him and remain there until everything else fades. In the stillness of His presence, distractions lose their grip and we find their importance landing in proper order. All we have to do to hear, see, and feel Him again, is turn our attention towards Him.

Many unwind with movies or TV because it silences the thoughts and lists streaming constantly through our consciousness. But we must do more than only give our minds a break. We must refocus on the eternal, get lost in the limitless awe, and breathe His love. It's in the simple turning towards Him, that we find peace that remains even in the midst of life demands. 

He is the place of peace, of creativity, of wisdom, and of grace.
He is the One that silences the noise within.


Where Dreams Begin - Again

Words are such powerful bits of life, aren't they? Recently, since venturing into the area of fiction writing, I've fallen in love with the beauty and power of words for the first time in my life. Though I've written non-fiction before, I've never really understood how beautifully captivating the artistry of words can be.

Words are mystical- allowing us to get lost within their depths. 
Words can be loud, echoing within us long after they've been spoken.
Words can be as soft as a whisper, enticing us to lean in and hear.
Words can heal.
Words have roots which grow hidden beneath the surface, until they blossom with life or death.

This summer I decided to pursue my secret dream of fiction writing. I've always loved reading and often would put a book down and say, "Ugh! If only I could write like that!" 

How often do we dream of doing something but don't, simply because we aren't sure if we can? Sometimes finances, or other things can hinder us from pursuing our dreams, but if your dream has the breath of God upon it, it will succeed. Take the first step! Don't sit back and wonder if it could have been a success. 

Let's take what is within us - potential gifts to the world and trust God to disperse them where He wants them. That is my goal - to give readers a gift. There is life that flows through our words especially when they are God inspired.

I'm more than halfway done with my book. When it's published, there's no telling what God will do through it. What is your dream? What do you have that God is waiting to breathe upon? Leave me a comment below - I'd love to hear the dreams of your heart.

Look doubt in the eye and run after your dreams!



Perhaps this will be my least read post in my blog. In truth, it really doesn't matter. 
Tonight I am writing. Just writing. 

I was first profoundly impacted with the raw power of what a book can do, when I read The Secret Place, by Dale Fife. Each word seemed to play a chord within my heart; picking at strings and creating melodies that I didn't know existed - drawing me beyond simple words on paper. I normally devour books, but this time I savored each bite, allowing myself to appreciate His presence in each page.

It was then, after reading this book a few times, that I realized I too wanted to write something that could only be described as God's love on paper; wooing its readers to delve into His heart through the letters on a page. My desire has been and still is to see a creative stream of writing that can unlock even the most guarded heart.

That was over twelve years ago. Since that time, I have written for a couple of ministries, authored two small books and began this blog. However, it has only been over the past few months that I
realized that writing was becoming a passion of mine and something I have decided to pursue without regard to the reasoning that has previously held me back. One never knows the power within, until they release it. It is time for me to find out what God wants to say through me. Through the tapping of my keyboard, I have found my voice.

I may spend the rest of my life searching for the words that will change a life, but I will find them. God will give them to me. My dream is to write something that is teeming with the very essence of God, something that will be remembered not for how beautifully it is written, but for the literal presence of God that rests upon it.

This will be what I write.
Perhaps you will be one who reads it.



As I lay my head upon Your chest,
I hear souls, crying.
With each beat of your heart-
Nations, calling.

As though awakened from a dream,
I focus my gaze,
Shake off the past,
And give You praise.

Unite my heart,
Give me Kingdom eyes.
Not denying my part,
Letting destiny guide.

Extending Your hand
I see what you hold-
The treasures of life,
Are the jewels of souls.

Dancing in the fires,
Learning to hear
Your greatest desire,
To draw them near.

  ©Gretchen Rodriguez, 2005


Guest Blogger - Rachel Koszka

I'm so excited to have my amazing friend Rachel blogging for us today! She is one the most passionate people I know; beautiful inside and out, an incredibly anointed dancer, and an equally gifted writer. See for yourself! You can find Rachel's webpage at: www.rachelelizabeth.org
Sealed in Jesus, by Rachel Koszka

    Wonder at what the cross really accomplished has consumed me. I've discovered that everything changed in Christ's perfect act of love two thousand year ago. Everything.
    Since the dawn of time, Jesus has longed for reunion. Creation echoes the mystical reality that my spirit is seated in heavenly places with Christ, our union of love beyond the borders of time and space. I have always been known by Him. God tells Jeremiah that before he was formed in the womb he was known.
     When Adam and Eve believed they were different from God, not already created in His image and likeness, shame and separation became their new reality. Our glory was contained in skin, so Jesus presented Himself to the earth, the fullness of God's glory dwelling in man. From the tree, Jesus reached towards us and erased the reach of Eve. He drew us home.
    Like a man who asks the woman he adores to spend the rest of her days with him, Jesus has already invited us into eternal opportunity. Except, the rest of our days will last forever; death cannot conclude our union with Christ. Love became a guarantee when Jesus reached from the cross for my hand in marriage.
    Saying yes to Jesus and slipping His signet ring on my finger, allows love to be perfected. Our relationship is proof that His choice to reconcile was worth everything, even death. My responsibility has never been to woo or impress Jesus; simply saying yes and receiving the finished work of the cross is enough.
    I'm overwhelmed, when I think of how any risk I could ever face in the realm of love has already been risked on my behalf, and won. It's the beauty of His love-risk towards us. All fear disappears when I realize that Jesus risked everything first. He took away the "gamble" on the cross; now love is sealed.
    Eternally press Me on your spirit, like a wax seal left from the imprint of a signet ring. Print Me on your arm forever; tattooed commitment. Our love is stronger than separation, desire dramatic as death. Our love is The End itself - final breath and warmth of life. Our love is like a lightning bolt; it sparks a supernatural fire when displayed. The very flame of God, is contained in our union. Paraphrased from Song of Solomon 8:6
    Any healthy marriage thrives on grace. Our entire experience of God has only ever been fully infused with the reality of His grace towards us. Relationship should never be founded on conditions and rewards; genuine relationship flows from the gift of grace. A good husband will always go above and beyond for the desires of his wife, because her perfect joy is his favourite thing. 
    Have we convinced ourselves it could be any different with Jesus? He believes in my innocence, He was the one to win it back! Why else would He sing, "It is finished." Simply believing what Jesus already believes about me, allows me to see that righteousness has been perfected.
    God confirms love by placing us in Christ, anointing us just like Jesus was anointed. If this isn't enough to convince you, He even sealed the deal by giving a written promise, like a letter carefully sealed. His spirit in our hearts is a pledge, a testimony that He will always follow through on His promise. Jesus will come back and marry you, because He is who He professes to be: the most faithful Man alive. Paraphrased from 2 Corinthians 1:20-22 
    In some ways, the church is like a wife attempting to convince her husband that he isn't already madly in love with her. The bride must wake up to the reality of her status: we are one with Christ. He has redeemed innocence and reconciled us to the eden that is eternity found in Him. Our dwelling place is with God; His dwelling place is in us. Welcome home. 



As I sit to write, I realize that words, no matter how eloquently expressed, will forever be insufficient in expressing what I feel in my heart. It is the perpetual and earnest desire of God's passionate lovers, to somehow capture the love and beauty of the Lord that we feel and express it in a way that others can understand and embrace. Yet even the most gifted musicians, song writers, artists, dancers, and poets, will always fall short in expressing His fathomless beauty and limitless wonder.

How can we describe One so profound that He Himself decided to create the heavens and the earth as a taste of who He is? How can we explain a  love so mystifying, it turned a sacrifice of death into a victory of life vast enough to save the entire world? How do we take a spiritual substance and attempt to encapsulate it in some perceivable way that makes it recognizable to the human mind? How does one dive into a realm of spirit with the efforts of a natural mind? The answer is, we don't. And yet we try.

We will forever try to find ways of describing what consumes us so profoundly. His love has set us on fire and our hearts burn deep within our spirits. Our thoughts are continually upon Him and our senses awaken to a reality beyond the natural realm.  

One of my greatest desires is to engage His love so deeply and consistently, that the passion I feel becomes contagious. When I dance, I want the reality of what is tangible to me, drawing others into their own encounter with Him. When I write, I desire for my readers to go beyond the words into the very substance of His love. As I go about my day in monotonous errands or joyful adventures, I want others to be drawn to the greatness of the One inside of me.

May we all burn with the pure, holy light of His countenance radiating so strongly from within, that we shine everywhere we go. May our lives radiate and illustrate His love so evidently, that others are drawn to Him, regardless of how inadequately we try to explain it. 

"Your faces will glisten with glory." ~ Psalm 34:5  The Passion Translation